News - May 29, 2019

Michigan Street Life Gazette: the Bidecadely "2019/YOLO" Edition

Good news true-bodyfucking believers!! [hi] There is, according to our ma, no distractions, only the work of our lives! [new album pretty good] So get you some, or get off the dance floor, & we wont say for shame but we will say you could try harder if you tried & is that where you want to be when baby jesus comes back? [mark's hoping you'll dance]  lissen pussycat, afore the global warming takes the fresh water, wont you let us sing to you in our little boat in our big nitedark ocean? [we aim to get this album done & out before the high-water takes NYC] altho we're tender/ we're brave too, made so by our love of you, by you, by love, by duckduckgeese from above? like death? those very specific & particular ones coming for us? [all those things, yes] is it politer to leave then unacknowledged? shall we respond w/ surprise to our shortlyarriving-own? or any others? noooooo--only w/ grief & celebration! method of delivery? musssssssiiiiicccccccc isnt heard b/c it's played;we pl/ray our music b/c it's heard.