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Godzillionaire rocks for the wounded soul. Fronted by legendary singer, poet, and artist Mark Hennessy (Paw, 1950DA, Diamond Hearts Club), Godzillionaire is known for creating focused music equal in ferocity and lovelorn sensitivity, and for bringing raging, emotionally intense live performances. Hennessy is joined by Ben White (guitar), Michael Dye (bass), and Cody Romaine (drums) in creating music with focus and intention, rooted in human experience.

The band first received worldwide attention with the inclusion of songs "Absolute Zero" and "Excommunication" in the film "They Come Knocking" (part of Hulu's "Into the Dark" series) at the request of director and long-time supporter Adam Mason (video director for Alice in Chains, Cradle Of Filth, Within Temptation, Dragonforce, The Crimea, and many others.)

Godzillionaire's latest album "Negative Balance," released in Apr 2020, was ranked #14th best album of the year by the staff of New Noise magazine and #50th in their readers' poll, ranked #13 in Guitar Part magazine's staff picks for best albums of 2020, and was featured in John Gist's Doom Charts 2020 Favorites.

Leanne Ridgeway of Riff Relevant writes, "‘Negative Balance‘ is the aural sanctuary I’ve been waiting 20 years for someone to build... After repeated listening, I find myself entranced and compelled... nearly an hour of enchantingly heavy and light moments blended into thoroughly encompassing storytelling."

During a year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, Godzillionaire successfully crowdfunded a limited release of "Negative Balance" on vinyl. In July 2021, they played their first show in 18 months to a packed house at the Replay Lounge in their hometown of Lawrence, KS, a rescheduling of the canceled album release show from the prior year.  Late 2021 holds a slate of shows in the Midwest, several new singles (once again recorded at Massive Sound studios with the legendary Paul Malinowski), and polishing material for a new album.


"Heavy times call for heavy tunes. Leave it to Godzillionaire to provide the aggressive soundtrack you need... Negative Balance is MOODY throughout; when the band isn’t slamming through another monster track, they give a sinister vibe."

- Nathan Cardiff, I Heart Local Music

"Skillful, replete with shock riffs... At times passionate and angry, hard-riffing and fired up, at times melancholy, or both at once on a single track... Godzillionaire’s new release largely meets our understandably high expectations; it’s commendable any way you look at it."

- Will dum, Muzzart

"Godzillionaire makes Negative Balance an album worth the wait... Guitarist Ben White writes riffs which will lodge in your head for days, while bassist Michael Dye and drummer Cody Romaine know how to make this music groove... As it all comes to an end, you kind of feel like Hennessy sings  — 'I ate the heart of a hurricane, come close and feel it descend.' No kidding, man."

- Nick Spacek, The Pitch

"'Negative Balance' draws most of its references from a classy desert rock, thick just enough, somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age and Masters Of Reality. Armed with a strong personality, the quartet produces a record rich in diverse and varied emotions, which brings together all the parameters to become a staple of the genre."

- Olivier Ducruix, Guitar Part

"‘Negative Balance‘ isn’t simply a heavy rock or nostalgic nod of grunge rock, nor is it possible to lump it into one or two categories. It hits the mark there, for sure, but once you think you’re locked into a box, they pull a lever and give you a soothing ballad-esque moment, or a doomed out disengagement from reality to throw your metalhead out the window, then toss in a southern lullaby before sneaking off with an alt-rock kick in the teeth."

- Leanne Ridgeway, Riff Relevant

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Godzillionaire's music was streamed over 129,000 times in 2020 and over 56,000 times from Jan-Jun 2021 (across all platforms).


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